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Sharpening Prices

Prices range between           $28.00 to $33.00
If you would like to mail them to us, just add $7.00 for postage and insurance.
Mail to: Panda Shears 1939 S. 375 W. Lehi, UT 84043
enclose a check or give us a call and we can do a card over the phone.
Don’t forget, you can call or text us with any questions

Shear Maintenance

Shear maintenance is very critical for a high performing edge. Failure to properly care for shears will cause premature dulling. Following these simple guidelines will extend the life of your edge…Guaranteed!

  •     Clean shears thoroughly after each use by wiping them with a soft clean cloth.
  •     Oil shears weekly by applying a few drops of shear oil or clipper blade oil in the pivot area and around the screw head. Work oil in by opening and closing the blades, wipe away all debris.
  •     PROPERLY TENSIONED SHEARS is NECESSARY!!!! Shears that are too loose WILL dull the edge quickly. When the tension is too loose, the edges tend to ride into one another instead of on one another.  This can and will dull your shears.
  •     Storing shears properly will dramatically increase their lifespan. More edges are damaged due to neglect rather than to over-use. To reduce the chance of damaging the blades, keep scissors in the closed position when they are not being used. It’s best to store them in a case, pouch, or stand.
  •     Cut hair only!
  •     Avoid using dropped shears that have been severely nicked. Forcing a shear shut when a nick is present will further damage the edge, resulting in more metal being removed during the sharpening process. This will decrease the life span of your shears.

About Us

Hi, I’m Steve Routson.  My wife Cindy and I sell and sharpen shears for hairstylists.  We have been doing this business for about 28 years.  We have spent a lot of time and energy in building, and taking care of a cliental from Seattle to Utah.  We try to meet the sharpening needs of all of our clients.  Steve takes a lot of pride in each of the shears he sharpens.  We love meeting people, and we love to provide a service that helps people do their jobs better.  If we haven’t met you, or you would like to know if we service people in your city, give us a call, or email us, or text us.  We would love to hear from you.

It makes a big difference when you use the sharpener with experience!

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